Gilson Pipettes, New Pipetman M Multichannel, BOD Incubator, Mumbai, India
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Gilson Pipettes

Gilson is dedicated to making your life easier, providing a wide and reliable range of manual to automated liquid handling solutions, including pipettes, pipette tips, pipette accessories, Bench top sample preparation equipment, and tailor-made services.

New PIPETMAN M Multichannel

  The standard for accuracy and precision - motorized
Designed with both experienced and inexperienced users in mind, PIPETMAN M pipettes are intuitive and require no learning curve to use. Best of all, the motorized piston virtually eliminates pipetting variability among users!
  Patented internal track system
The unique internal design applies equal pressure on each piston to ensure consistent volume levels across all channels when aspirating and dispensing.
  Lower tip ejection forces
The Gilson Trident and unique spacer create a stepped ejection, staggering the tip ejection and thus significantly reducing the force required to eject tips.
Gilson Pipettes Gilson Pipettes  
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