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HPLC Columns

ProntoSIL HPLC columns from Bischoff Chromatography are available in a wide variety of bonded phases and dimensions. In addition to more typical C8 and C18 phases, ProntoSIL columns are also available in hard to find bonded phases such as C1, amino, diol and C30. If you are looking for a specialty bonded phase, there is a good chance it is available from Bischoff Chromatography.
ProntoSIL C18 ace-EPS
The ProntoSIL C18 ace-EPS belongs to the new group of stationary RP-supports with polar embedded groups. The packing is very stable over a wide pH range (pH 1-10) and offers a maximum of hydrophobicity combined with a maximum of polar selectivity.

• Better peak shape for acids and bases
• Stabilized bonded phase for rugged, robust HPLC methods
• More retentive than ordinary polar embedded phases
ProntoSIL C18 AQ
ProntoSIL C18 AQ with its unique bonding technology has been especially developed for the use in aqueous mobile phases with an organic content below 10 %. The C18 AQ- bonding type is fully End capped and available in several particle sizes and pore sizes of 120 Å and 200 Å.
ProntoSIL C18 H
ProntoSIL C18 H is the standard C18 support of BISCHOFF Chromatography. It is applicable in a wide range of RP- chromatography. The wide pore supports show excellent properties for the separation of biomolecules like proteins and peptides.
ProntoSIL C18 SH
ProntoSIL C18 SH is the stationary phase in the ProntoSIL line with the maximum carbon load. It is fully endcapped. Due to the carbon load it shows an excellent shape selectivity and stability even at pH 1. The C18 SH-bonding type is available with pore size 120 Å in several particle sizes.
ProntoSIL C30
• Unique “planar selectivity” for carotenoids and structural isomers
• Excellent reproducibility
• Multi-valentsilane bonding for enhanced stability
ProntoSIL C18 Kromaplus
ProntoSILKromaplus C18 is based on the well-known high performance spherical silica for analytical and prep scale liquid chromatography and is stable from pH 1 to 10.

Additional ProntoSIL HPLC Columns :

ProntoSIL Si                  ProntoSIL C18 AQ PLUS
ProntoSIL C4                 ProntoSIL C1
ProntoSIL Phenyl           ProntoSIL Amino
ProntoSIL Amino E        ProntoSIL Amino H
ProntoSIL CN                ProntoSIL OH
Pronto PEARL              ProntoPEARL sub2
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