Humidity Incubator, Muffle Furnace, Digital Water Bath, Centrifuge, Mumbai, India
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Providing you best of the products & services to satisfy your needs in the scientific world.

Our Vision and Values...

a. Vision statement

We aim to outclass in each of our task and become a leading name in the scientific / technical industry.

This gives us an advantage in understanding customer needs; acquaint with technological advancements and applying this to accomplish better customer satisfaction.

b. Mission statement

As our tag line suggests our mission is to be "The Analytical Stop" that offers one stop solutions to our customers. We shall accomplish this by expanding our product portfolio through connections with renowned partners in the scientific society and by expanding our customer reach across the market verticals and geographic regions.

c. Values

Integrity and ethical business practices will govern our trades. And it will be our constant Endeavour to achieve customer satisfaction and build long term clientele relationships.
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General Laboratory Instruments : Drying Oven   |   Vacuum Oven    |   Incubator   |   BOD Incubator    |   Humidity Incubator
Muffle Furnace   |   Digital Water Bath   |  Centrifuge   |   Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer    |   Vortex Mixer   |   Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner
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